Alcohol and substance abuse disorders can be treated successfully with out-patient treatment.

What does evidence based mean? : The interventions used is empirically proven and supported through research to be effective in helping people in their recovery from dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Participation three times per week after hours.

A structured treatment experience designed to give substance abusers the knowledge, structure, and support to allow them to achieve abstinence from drugs and alcohol and initiate a long-term program of recovery.

Why outpatient treatment?

Traditional inpatient treatment not always medically necessary or indicated
After hours participation so client stay economically and socially active
  • The professional person can continue working
  • The bread winner can continue earning money
  • The mom can continue being a mom
  • The student can continue studying
Can supplement in-patient treatment or co-occurring disorder treatment
Family education and involvement after hours
Self-help support group involvement
Regular random urine drug testing to monitor progress
Longer engagement time - 16 weeks
Cost effective

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